Why developers have shifted the balance of power – the new BANT

Had a great chat with a mentor/advisor today who has been investing in many successful SaaS businesses. One of his key success factors is a scientific and relentless focus on sales (and marketing) to maximize sales conversions and minimize the sales cycle.

He reminding me of the importance of finding people with BANT when you want to sell something:

  • B = Budget
  • A = Authority
  • N = Need (burning need)
  • T = Time (urgent)

Now here’s the interesting impact when you think of cloud. In most large enterprises, cloud initiatives have were started by developers themselves. Why? Mostly because they have the burning and urgent need to get access to infrastructure resources. Their projects depend on it, the business depends on it, all of this innovation depends on it.

In the “old IT” model, that’s as far as it went. Developers had Need and Time requirements, but they were not met because they had no Budget or no Authority.

However, what happens when developers can expense AWS instances on their credit card? Tada! Now they have Budget! And even if they still don’t have “official” Authority, they are giving it to themselves, in the name of innovation and time to market.

Who can blame them?