DigitalOcean First Major Cloud to Open Canadian Datacenter

The Canadian technology and developer community will be very excited to hear that DigitalOcean is launching Canadian operations with TOR1, a new datacenter located in Toronto. To host their Canadian footprint DigitalOcean selected to host their infrastructure at Equinix TR2, Equinix’s new and state-of-the-art datacenter in downtown Toronto.

This makes DigitalOcean the first major large-scale cloud to open its doors in Canada, as we continue to wait for AWS, Microsoft and Google to make similar announcements. Microsoft did make an announcement, but resources are not available yet. By contrast, DigitalOcean’s announcement coincided with the TOR1 datacenter actual availability on the DO’s control panel (what a concept!).

This announcement has followed customer requests. DigitalOcean has always done a terrific job as staying close to its customers, and a Canadian datacenter was one of the most requested features on their community suggestion board¬†(the company uses “UserVoice” as a user-generated suggestion platform).

If you are interested to know more, put the following dates in your agenda for local events:

  • Toronto: October 13 – 15
  • Vancouver: October 20 – 22
  • Montreal: October 28 – 29

This is good for cloud development in Canada. DigitalOcean is probably the simplest, easiest-to-use cloud service for developers and first-time users. Let’s home this paves the way for other providers to grow our options in Canada, from global leaders and local leaders alike.


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