Fun times at McHacks

This week-end I had the opportunity to drop by the McGill Campus to give out our prize to the winner of the McHacks competition. I have to admit I had not been on campus for far too long, and great memories came back as I entered the Shatner Building.


I missed all the hard work that teams put in over the week-end to come up with the most clever apps they could develop over the week-end. As I visited the space on Sunday, I could witness many red eyes, but also some palpitations as people were heading over Leacock 132 to see the finalists.

What I missed in sweat and tears was compensate by the great enthusiasm (and designs) of the 6 finalists:

  • An app connected to ensure your second toast is not burnt
  • A clever 3D device that could create “buttons” on any surface thanks to an Oculus interface
  • BananaScale, converting an assortment of random facts into “banana units”
  •, “Tinder for food”
  • An app to read faster by displaying only one word on the screen at a time
  • A Pebble app to exchange contact info (which I have to admit – and date myself – reminded me of the business card exchange function on the Palm Pilot. What was that, infrared?)

Congrats to the winners,! Winners of the $500 credit from

As a bonus, a somewhat interesting view from the Dobson Center on Entrepreneurship on what it takes to build a successful startup:

  • Three P’s:
    • Passion
    • Problem
    • Piercing Science
  • Three H’s:
    • Hacker
    • Hipster
    • Hustler

image image image image image image image  image image image  image


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